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🧸Cinderella bleeds heavily after childbirth, CEO can't take care of the child, and stays by her side

💌Finally get back together! Bossy president and Cinderella open their hearts and solve all problems

🧸Cinderella's body is not suitable for pregnancy, but she insists on having a baby

【ENG SUB】Pretty Man S2 EP4 Clip Qiao Qiao and Jin Nian sweet love time!!!!!!

【ENG SUB】Pretty Man S2 EP6 Clip Qiao Qiao afraid of thunder and Jin Nian put her in his arm

💌Sweet Ending! Bossy president and Cinderella had a lovely baby and finally achieve a happy family

The wife miscarried, the husband begged forgiveness, but the wife insisted on divorce

🔓Cinderella is pregnant with a second child! Boss is going to be a father again!| Chinesedrama


🧸Cinderella's health deteriorated after pregnancy, the president pretended to be calm to comfort her

🪄Pregnant Cinderella angered the boss, hurt the child and refused to take medicine | Chinesedrama

🧸The president has been upgraded to a novice dad, helping Cinderella take care of the child

🪄"Are you satisfied now?" Cinderella's reputation was ruined and she fanned the boss|Chinesedrama

🧸Cinderella was bleeding from her lower body, CEO found out that she was pregnant. He was so anxious

妻子生下总裁的孩子,恶婆婆终于悔悟接受她!💎Pretty manS2

🧸The scheming girl caused Cinderella to bleed prematurely birth, driving the president crazy

💌Kissing in office! Cinderella insists to work with bossy president and can't stop loving in office

💌Bossy president found Cinderella's marriage is lie! He is so happy and decides to take care of her

陳雪燃 Xueran Chen《降臨》【國民老公2 Pretty Man 2 OST影視劇主題推廣曲】官方動態歌詞MV (無損高音質)

💌Cinderella takes sleeping pills was found by bossy president , and his love made her very painful

Pretty Man 2 (Lelaki Rupawan) Ep.01 | 国民老公2 | WeTV 【INDO SUB】

💌Cinderella finally decided to divorce bossy president, he couldn't let go and forcibly kissed her!

New Korean Mix Hindi Song 💞 Pretty Man 2 💞 Chinese Mix Love Story [MV]