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Chen (첸) - I’m Not Okay (안녕 못해) Lyrics (Han/Rom/Eng)

Chen (첸) - 안녕 못해 I'm Not Okay (OST Missing Nine) [Eng Lyrics]

CHEN (첸) - 안녕 못해 (I'm Not Okay) - AUDIO - Missing 9 OST

Chen (EXO) – I’m Not Okay (Missing 9 OST) [INDO SUB]

[Vietsub+Engsub+Kara] Chen - I'm Not Okay (Missing Nine OST P.2)


【FULL】#JeffSatur #信 走心演唱PK战损#伯远 直击人心高音 伯爵#王栎鑫 #俞灏明 刀群唱跳 | 披荆斩棘3 Call Me By Fire S3 EP4-2 | MangoTV

The CEO dated his mistress and ignored his son, who cried and asked his mother to punish him!

EP20 trailer: The boss Cinderella was making out at home and was seen by her mother who broke in.

Chen Gets Pricked with a Used Needle! | The Rookie

Lieutenant Zhang Bu Xun's Story (Cheng Yi 成毅)《The Lost Tomb 2​: Explore with the Note》

chenford being a married couple for 11 minutes straight

Jin and Chanyeol KBS moments I keep thinking about

'九澤CP' 陳零九 Nine Chen 邱鋒澤 FENG ZE【沒有開口 Don't Leave Me】Official Music Video(4K)

Chenford - Their Story (1x01 - 5x09)

CHEN (EXO) - I’M NOT OKAY (Missing nine OST) [рус. саб]


CHEN - I’m Not Okay (안녕 못해), Missing nine (미씽나인) OST. English Translate

안녕 못해 I'm Not Okay (From “MISSING 9”)

CHEN (EXO) - I'm Not Okay [HAN+ROM+ENG] (OST Missing Nine) | koreanlovers

Chen of EXO – I’m Not Okay (안녕 못해) [Missing Nine OST] [Rom|Eng Lyric]

Chen sing missing 9 OST [EXO'rDIUM IN MALAYSIA]

Chen (첸) - I'm Not Okay [Missing 9 OST] (Color Coded Han|Rom|Eng Lyrics)

[Missing Nine] 미씽나인 ep.05 Choi Tae-joon killed Chanyeol. 20170201

The way chanyeol dragged him like, come here we need to talk 😂😂😂

Chen (첸) - I'm Not Okay [Ost Missing Nine]