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CHEN 첸 '사라지고 있어 (Last Scene)' Album Song Practice Behind The Scenes

EXO 엑소 'Don't fight the feeling' MV Behind The Scenes

behind the scene exo ladder season 3 part 2

100daysmyprince 시청률 10% 공약 이행! ′으르렁′ 대는 백일의 낭군님이 왔구먼! 181015 EP.11

[Behind the Scenes] Sehun and Se-jeong’s secret missions with the cast of Busted! Season 2 [ENG SUB]

EXO 엑소 '2022 Debut Anniversary Fan Event : EXO' Behind The Scenes

EXO 엑소 'DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING' Jacket Behind The Scenes

EXO 엑소 The 3rd Album Repackage 'LOTTO' Album Making

EXO 엑소 '2022 Debut Anniversary Fan Event : EXO' Behind The Scenes (Backstage Ver.)

When the quiet members of EXO are reunited [EXO Ladder S3 ep5]

[엑소오락관 시즌2ㅣEP.01] EXO의 우당탕탕 팀 정하기 (feat. 시즌2에 전매니저의 등장이라니...) (EXO's Team Making ft. Ex-Manager)

[MMA 2022] melon music awards 2022 is a MESS

(CC) 🍑 KAI Meets His Fans - A Reunion of Introverts 🍑I Reveal Your Bias I KAI(카이)

[엑소오락관 시즌2ㅣEP.06] 엑소오락관 마지막 게임! 한우의 세상으로~ (The Final ROUND! Capture the Moment Game)

나 공주야...?ㅇAㅇㅣ XIUMIN 시우민 음악방송 비하인드

[엑소오락관 시즌2ㅣEP.05] 현실 형제, 자매 오버랩되는 광란의 늑대인간 게임 (The 4th ROUND! Werewolf Game)

XIUMIN 시우민 ‘Brand New’ MV Behind The Scenes

Korean Actresses RUINED Their Faces With Plastic Surgery?

EXO reaction whenever BTS appear on the screen

A Day In The Life Of EXO's Manager... Yes, It Finally Happened☆★ | workman ep.34

[Pick Voyage] Inside the panties!! (⬇️looking down)Two words inside panties o0o..? #KnowingBrothers

BTS STAN FIRST REACTION TO EXO - White Noise + Thunder+ PLAYBOY + Artificial Love | FIRST TIME EXO!



Funniest moments of Korea No. 1 with Yu Jae-seok, Lee Kwang-soo, and Kim Yeon-koung [ENG SUB]

EXO Special | 엑소 스페셜 [2018 KBS Song Festival / 2018.12.28]

exo were gone for so long they forgot how to exo

【형친소】이거잖아..내가 기다리던 거...❣️카라❣️ 와 함께 하는 이모지 게임&토크✨

Chen was seen celebrating his birthday with his little family, They were seen in several places.

Jin talks to the Army about his military service over the phone after winning the award #jhope #jin

XIUMIN 시우민 'Brand New' & 'Serenity' Dance Practice Behind The Scenes