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I Pretend To Be Poor Because I'm Ashamed of Being Rich

I Turn Into A Different Person Once A Year

Mom makes me wear a mask 24/7 to protect my beauty

Inside The Life Of A Billionaire Teen

Billie Eilish inspired me to be this way

I'm still 13 but mom makes me think i am 30

I did not listen to my sister's warning until this happened

I never knew I have a twin until I went to high school

No One Knows Why He Is Only Sweet To Me

Mom Don't Want Anyone To See Me Cuz She Jealous Of My Beauty

My Friend Went Too Far To Copy Me

My sister copies everything I do 😱

My brother won’t let me date the school’s heartthrob

I pretended to be broke to see if my GF is a gold digger

I act like a boy because mom wants me to act like a girl

My BFF Was 10 Years Older Than Me

My boyfriend found out my secret and left me

Mom’s Plastic Surgery Went Wrong

No one has seen a skin like mine before

Mom gave birth to me in the jungle and kept me there

My Parents Would Make Me a Millionaire if I Gave it Up

Mom Treats Me Like A Baby, I'm 15

I was born extremely flexible

I’m A Tough Girl. I‘m Not Afraid Of Any Boy.

Mom gave birth to me in the jungle and kept me there

No one knows what I’ve been doing for 5 years

My Jealous Siblings Abandoned Me in the Desert, But a Billionaire Found Me - My Story

My Hair Makes Guys Obsessed With Me

I Accepted A Challenge, It Changed My Life

I Eat Only Pizza For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Everyone Calls Me Rapunzel

I Was Raised By 5 Monks From China

My Childhood BFF Betrayed Me?