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【BTS】Leo Wu comforts cry-baby Lusi - the poor girl's freaked out! | Love Like The Galaxy

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李宏毅往酒裡下春藥,趙露思藥效發作任由李宏毅擺佈,兩個人激情一夜!【天雷一部之春花秋月 LoveBetterThanImmortality】#李宏毅 #赵露思 #少年歌行

【Multi-sub】Her Love Heals EP01 | Zhao Lusi, Li Hongyi | CDrama Base

EngSub "My Male Lovers" ▶EP 1💋Princess Merry Fell into Water and was Replaced by Cinderella | FULL4K

【纯享】#赵露思《是你》梦幻花境舞台太美了吧~ 请停止散发魅力! |《梦圆东方2023东方卫视跨年盛典》【东方卫视官方频道】

Alec Benjamin x Zhao Lusi - Water Fountain (Mandarin Version)

Lantern festival blessings from The Last Immortal | Zhao Lusi x Wang Anyu

【Multi-sub】Love Like The Galaxy EP01 | Leo Wu, Zhao Lusi | 星汉灿烂 | Fresh Drama

【Multi-sub】Full EP01 Loving You is My Only Cure | Zhao Lusi, Li Hongyi | HiDrama

🌟帥哥與吳磊搶著送趙露思回家,趙露思怕吳磊不高興牽起吳磊的手回家! | #趙露思 #吴磊 #星汉灿烂

💕趙露思快問快答!趙露思一不小心說漏嘴,竟然在倆次合作中愛上了李宏毅!【天雷一部之春花秋月】 #趙露思 #李宏毅 #吴磊 #星汉灿烂 #LoveBetterThanImmortality

💥Zhao Lusi Dominate the Ancient Historical Drama in the Most Viewed Chinese Drama's from 2019-2022💥

Top 3 Chinese Couple Get Married In 2022 || Dylan Wang || Jerry Yan || Zhao Lusi

On their wedding day, he snatched away the bride, and revealed a secret of her in front of everyone!

Wang Yibo's fan claiming to be pregnant with the actor's child, Zhao Lusi was in mourning, ...

[INDO SUB] I Hear You EP01 | Zhao Lusi/Wang Yilun/Dai Zhuoning | YOUKU

Zhao Lusi & Wu Lei | 'You & I, Tied for Life' - EP. 1

Revealing Evidence Wu Lei Is Not Happy, Avoiding Zhao lusi ? Real Image Of Zhao Lusi In The New

Zhao Lusi's new film is coming! Cooperate with a handsome boy, two major strengths match, and it

【ENG SUB】星月灿烂EP01 赵露思 肖战 (Zhao Lusi,Xiao Zhan)

I want to be closer to your heart so that I can stab it in! | Love of Thousand Years | Idol Box

趙露思慘了!片場辱罵吳磊事件再發酵,惹多位業內演員公開爆料,霸凌視頻更是全網瘋傳!吳磊肖戰迪麗熱巴三大頂流全被牽扯,趙露思究竟得罪了誰? !#吳磊#趙露思#星漢燦爛#趙露思罵人



Wang Yibo's fan claiming to be pregnant with the actor's child, Zhao Lusi was in mourning, ...

【Multi-sub】Time to Fall in Love EP01 | Luo Zheng, Lin Xinyi, Yang Ze | Fresh Drama

Zhao Lusi & Wu Lei | 'You & I, Tied for Life' - EP. 1


💑Finally she let all her guard down and trumpet her love for Gen.Ling! |Love Like the Galaxy

Zhao Lusi & Xu Kai Crossover MV 'One Glance is Forever ' - EP. 1

Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat Confirmed Marriage after 2 Years of Relationship

Zhao Lusi won the Excellent Actor Awards at Weibo Vision Conference ( Weibo Night 2022)

[ENG SUB] Zhao Lusi Talks About Her Cats (and their English names)

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Zhao Lusi's Boyfriend EXPOSED by Paparazzi

Zhao Lusi is so confident in archery, her smile so sweet